People seek therapy for any number of reasons and it can take immense courage to ask for help. Therapy is more than just venting to someone, but rather a collaborative process of identifying the thoughts and behaviors keeping you stuck as well as the life experiences and other influences that may have shaped these patterns. It provides a confidential forum for emotional exploration and change.

I am passionate about helping adults struggling with disordered eating, chronic dieting, over-exercising, and weight preoccupation find their way home to their bodies. Many of my clients experience depression and anxiety as well as orthorexia, an obsession with “clean eating.” Using an integrative therapeutic approach I can help you end the war with your body, learning to nourish yourself and move intuitively and allowing you to feel more present and satisfied in your life. I embrace the perspectives of body acceptance and intuitive eating which celebrate size diversity and prioritize overall well-being above the number on the scale.

I hope to have the chance to help you start living the vibrant life you deserve right now, just as you are.

Jenny Weinar, LCSW